Last-minute-studying tips

The midterms are getting closer and closer by the second and a lot of us still feel unprepared. What is there to be done in this final bit of time before the inevitable tests and exams start rolling in ?

Do not worry because managing your time and organizing your efforts in this final stretch might be the thing you need and Orenda is here to help.

1. Make a To-Do List

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Even if you have already made a studying plan it might be helpful to redraft and to re-organize your to-do list. Write your tasks down in an order relating to their importance and the time and effort they would need.

This might seem like a menial task but it can save you tremendous time when you’re in between tasks and looking for the next thing to do. So organize yourself and keep track of your work.

2. Deal with the little things first

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This is hack to boost your productivity with such an unexpected twist –

In fact, it might seem counterintuitive but dealing with the little tasks first or whenever you have some unexpected free time can boost your productivity. Finishing that final chapter in that subject you’re almost done with or making the final touches on that project can make you feel better psychologically and get you in a better and more productive mood.

But BE CAREFUL because this method is a double edged sword. Feeling accomplished after doing the small tasks shouldn’t dissuade you from working on the bigger things or make you feel like you’ve done enough for the day. Instead use the rush of accomplishment to self motivate you while pushing through the rest of your work.

3. Organize your work area and get away from distractions:

You’ve probably heard this a million times but I have to remind you. Having an organized work area can boost your morale and get you in a productive mood. Moreover, organization can make access to work tools easier so you can easily grab that math paper you need or quickly access that photoshop or illustrator file you’re looking for.

Organized chaos does not work it can leave you scrambling for easily accessible things or prone to distractions wasting precious time so get organized, mute those facebook notifications (You can Keep Orenda JE’s notifications on because we might share more helpful tips), and close all of those opened tabs you don’t need in your browser.

4. Don’t overwork yourself:

DO NOT OVERWORK YOURSELVES!! We understand the importance of exams and tests but mental and physical health are more important and well you can’t really perform as well in these exams if you are sleep deprived or plain burned out.

We’re not encouraging you to be lazy but it is extremely important to take breaks, to socialize and to stay healthy and if anything these tips we are sharing with you are not a magical solution that will help you brush up on an entire semester’s worth of courses and subjects. There is no magic wand you can wave to save an entire academic year and these tips are just to help you keep going in this final stretch (Save what you can if you haven’t worked all year).

If even after these tips you feel like you can’t save these midterm tests do not worry, you still have another chance in the finals at the end of the year so there is no reason for you to give up.

Do your best and stay hopeful and things will workout just fine.


By Yacine Ben Ahmed


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