The secret recipe for a perfect video _ video editing

The Secret Recipe For A Perfect Video

Watching a video can go from a regular form of content consumption, to an emotional experience where you feel connected and sometimes truly there in the footage you’re watching. So it’s safe to say that video editing is among the most important jobs in the film industry.

And given the importance it has taken on social platforms, the editing techniques only continue to improve. It also goes without saying that high quality videos are now possible to create on your phone, which has made editing skills very common and has provided room for creativity among digital creators.

So what makes a good video, to begin with ?

1. Lighting

It’s the most important thing when it comes to cinematography. Either we’re talking about natural or forced lighting, having the whole scene well lit is absolutely essential, otherwise it would be difficult to color grade later on.

2. Sound Effects

The right music and sound effects will drastically change the way viewers experience your content. Not to mention how much matching the visuals to the audio enhances the quality of this experience.

3. Software Use

Moving the camera helps move the story along. More motion just gives you more cinematic result, and makes your work look more professional: that’s because you’re inviting your viewers into the atmosphere of the scene.

4. Motion

It’s imperative you master the use of the editing software you’re working on as best as you possibly can, in order to provide good quality work. It really helps you make the most out of what you shot on your camera/ phone.

5. Angles

Choosing the right angle for your shot improves the quality of the work you’re putting out. This is a detail that you should keep in mind while filming the footage, so the editing goes smooth and easy.

To wrap it all up, creating a good video can be a fun process as long as you learn the basics of filming and editing and give yourself time to learn from your mistakes. You can also accelerate the learning process by watching tutorials and taking the advice of those who made your same exact mistakes before you!

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By Rahma Ouerfelli

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