Graphic design as

Graphic design: a communication tool with the audience

From the little Paint icon to the giant billboards in Times Square, it’s almost impossible not to come across a poster or other visual that has been created using the codes of graphic design! Graphic design has become an essential part of corporate marketing and communications. In fact, companies now recognize the importance of hiring professionals in the field to guarantee that their brand not only stands out but also resonates with the wider public. But more specifically…

What is the stategy behind graphic design?

Target audience and graphic design objective

Think of it as a game of darts, where the bullseye represents the company’s target audience, as determined by market research. The aim is to try and hit the target, bearing in mind that the dart represents the message to be conveyed.

The graphic designer’s aim is therefore to modify the shape of the dart in order to reach his target (the audience). As his name suggests, he works with the visual, one of the most effective ways of conveying information. Therefore, the focus is clear: reshape the communication method to ensure it precisely lands on the target, i.e., the intended audience.

In graphic design, every element is carefully controlled and formatted to ensure maximum effectiveness, whether it’s…

Colours in design
Geometric forms in design
Geometric forms in design

And there are a lot more such as

Infographics marrying visuals and data, distill complexity into engaging formats.

White space often overlooked, silently enhances readability and fosters visual balance.

Icons a universal language, succinctly convey messages. Interactive elements, spanning animations to clickable features, elevate engagement, transforming designs into dynamic, participatory experiences.

Together, these elements transcend conventional boundaries, fostering a visually enriched dialogue with the audience and amplifying the communicative potential of graphic design.


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By Mohamed Baldi

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