Types of logos and when to use them

Different Types Of Logos And How To Use Them


Ever wondered why a brand’s logo is like its secret sauce? Let’s discover together the fascinating world of logos and uncover why they’re the unsung heroes of successful websites and businesses!

1- Monograms: Simplified Lettermark Logos

Ever noticed HBO or PHP? Those letters aren’t just a jumble—they’re the solution for businesses with long names. Meet monograms, or lettermark logos, the VIPs of simplicity in branding.

So, what’s a lettermark? It’s a logo made up of a few letters, usually the initials of a company. Think CN versus Cartoon Network or NASA versus National Aeronautics and Space Administration—see the ease?

Lettermark logos cut through the clutter, perfect for companies with wordy names.

Cartoon Network Logo

Cartoon Network Logo

2- Wordmarks: Elevating Identity with Fonts

Think Visa —this is a wordmark, a logo that solely focuses on a business’s name. Just like lettermarks, they’re perfect for businesses with clear names.

Google nails it with catchy typography for instant brand recognition.

Google Logo

Google Logo

Choosing the right font is key. Fashion labels go for clean, elegant fonts, while legal or government agencies opt for traditional, weightier text for a secure feel. Wordmarks aren’t just names; they’re about creating identity through typography.

3- Pictorial Marks: Speaking through icons

Ever pondered the Pinterest symbol or the Snapchat ghost? These are pictorial marks—logos that communicate through icons that serve as the face of their brands.

The primary hurdle? Choosing the right image—a companion for your company’s lifetime. Consider whether you want to play on your name (like the P of pinterest), create deeper meaning (think Snapchat’s friendly ghost), or evoke an emotion (as Mastercard does with its interlocking circles).

Mastercard Logo

Mastercard Logo

4- Abstract Logo Marks: Elevating Symbolism through Form

The beauty of an abstract mark lies in its ability to symbolize what your company does without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image. Through color and form, you can infuse meaning and evoke emotion around your brand.

Nike Logo

Nike Logo

5- Mascots: Breathing Life into Brand Characters

Bursting with color, occasionally cartoonish, and always a bundle of fun, the mascot logo lets you craft your very own brand spokesperson—or should we say, spokes-character?

Mascots work wonders for companies aiming to cultivate a friendly atmosphere, especially appealing to families and children.

Monopoly Logo

Monopoly Logo

Consider the vibrant mascots at sporting events, adding a dynamic touch by engaging with the audience. Mascots are the playful sidekicks that inject personality into your brand narrative, making your business memorable and approachable.


6- Conclusion

In the diverse realm of logos, from timeless wordmarks to dynamic mascots, each type holds the power to transform your brand identity. Choosing the right logo is not just about an image—it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates with your audience.

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By: Doua Ben Rejeb

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